Everyone has a desire habitat alone, two, three, family or group, we imagine a place where to rest. Making it happen is a completion and a starting point.
We live and co-lives (one landscape, one gets household) in a biome and a haven hosts us along the path or just for a time.

The habitat itself may be fleeting or lasting, but some quality criteria will guide implementation. If I self conceive and if I self-build, other dimensions involved, I walk away from the machine for living and I tend to crafts to reach an accommodation that looks like me. I appropriate my roof in the real.

We must choose the place, choose its form, round shapes will be easier for the moment to gain acceptance in rural areas. And I try to incorporate a margin for the future to consider the changes in my life, that of my family and my home.
I also realize the proximity of the elements of nature in my case those of the forest and countryside landscapes.
I try to put myself also environmental harmony, from the first surface, and then in the choice of materials in the building process and that remain.
It lives in awareness of the essential sobriety in energy and resources.
We seek to be independent to a certain extent, just as the practical point of view that overlooked a solipsistic risk.